Chiffon Hijab Bundle Set 3 for $15: White, Baby Blue and Navy Blue

Our Chiffon is an elegant and light weight sheer fabric that gives a soft, beautiful drape. It can be quickly wrapped and styled in many ways. Wear it anywhere and everywhere!

Pro Tip: You save $15 when you buy the hijabs as a bundle!

Characteristics of Chiffon:

 Drapability: Silky soft chiffon structure makes elegant drapes.
 Feminine and elegant: Sheer, flowy and tender.
◦ Softness. Chiffon delicately covers your head and creates soft silhouettes.
◦ Hypoallergenic: Silk fibers are natural and feel sumptuous against your skin.
◦ Well-structured: Chiffon fabrics can be beautifully draped in whichever way.