Evergreen Golden Zipper Plain Abaya with Pockets for Breastfeeding

  • $49.99

The Plain Abaya comes with deep Zipper Pockets so that you can put your keys, wallet or phone inside without the fear of anything falling out. There is a golden 10” Zipper perfect to slip the abaya on over the head or for nursing/breastfeeding so you can have maternity wear without compromising on your style. It has a slight flare at the bottom while keeping an A-line shape. We've designed this Abaya for the Muslimah always on the go; the students, the mothers and all the busy Muslimaat out there. 


  • Deep Zipper Pockets
  • A-line Flowy shape
  • Soft Dubai Nida
  • 10" Gold Zipper for breastfeeding