Sample Sale Minimal Flower Bead Work Navy Blue Textured Chiffon Hijab

Textured Chiffon Hijab with small beads hand threaded.

Our Silk Chiffon is an elegant and light weight sheer fabric with a soft, beautiful drape and crepe-like texture. It can be quickly wrapped and styled in many ways. Wear it anywhere and everywhere!

Characteristics of Chiffon:

 Drapability: Silky soft chiffon structure makes elegant drapes.
 Feminine and elegant: Sheer, flowy and tender.
◦ Softness. Chiffon delicately covers your head and creates soft silhouettes.
◦ Hypoallergenic: Silk fibers are natural and feel sumptuous against your skin.
◦ Well-structured: Silk chiffon fabrics can be beautifully draped in whichever way.


Measurements: W28" x L70"
Designed in Toronto ◦ Made in Dubai
Care: Hand wash and tumble dry low
Steam: Medium heat

  • $14.99