Musk Taharah Abyad Oud Perfume مسك الطهارة الأبيض

  • $18.99

Musk is a subtle scent with powerful effects. It is delicate, calming and wonderfully empowering. 

Our white Musk is pure and goes by different names: Musk al Abyad or Musk Taharah. It is a highly thick and concentrated form of musk.

It is extremely potent that a small bottle lasts months since only a small drop of the musk is needed.

Application on Hair or Beard: Lift the application stick and dab a tiny amount onto your fingers, then run your fingers through your hair or beard. Similarly massage the musk into your pulse points.

Application on clothing: It is not advised to directly apply the musk upon clothing because of how concentrated the perfume is, and it may stain. Instead use a small amount and rub into your fingers first then smooth on.