Pure Turkish Black Seed Oil (2% TQ)

  • $19.99
100% Pure Turkish black seed Oil
-Strongest potency without the bitter taste! : Our Turkish oil is lighter in color, but a stronger and more potent oil compared to its competition. It contains 3 to 4 times more thymoquinone than most other black seed oils (we have a minimum of 2%+ TQ).
-Black seed oil knows as (Kalonji Oil, or nigella sativa oil) is filled with powerful nutrients such as; a large dose of omegas, amino acids, and antioxidants.
-Minimum of 2% TQ which is one of the highest available

100% Pure Turkish black seed Oil We source our high-quality black seed oil from Turkey to deliver a 100% virgin, cold-pressed, and unrefined product with potent, nutrient-dense properties. Non-GMO, vegan, and additive free. Black Seed Oil has an amazing plethora of benefits to the body, hair, and immune system. We wanted to offer not just any black seed oil, but the strongest most nutrient-packed black seed oil in the world. Black Seed Oil has been used for hundreds of years and its use actually goes back to the time of the ancient Egyptians. Our Black Seed oil have a minimum of 2% TQ which is one of the highest available on the market